Cluj Metropolitan Area (CMA) supported on Tuesday the initiative of the Cluj-Napoca City Hall to provide food to the Pata-Rât community during this period. Thus, CMA distributed 350 food packages, out of the total of almost 1,000 that were made available free of charge to the population in the area. The rest of the packages were provided by the Department of Social Assistance and Medical. Each package was designed to cover four days to ensure the minimum necessary until after Easter. In addition to cold cuts, bread and pasta, each pack contained a bun.


Distribution of food packages

A similar action took place on Tuesday, April 14, when packages were distributed for three days. The money directed by the ZMC to support the community of Pata-Rât with food in these two days came from the project “Pata 2”, financed by Norwegian grants. The involvement of the ZMC occurs in the context of visits carried out by the team of community facilitators of the Pata 2 project, during which members of the community explicitly requested food support during this period.

Our activity in Pata-Rât has attracted the interest of the media, being covered in a video report by Free Europe, which you can watch below:

Previously, on 6 April, the CMA distributed nearly 1,000 one-day food packages from European funds through the Future of Work “Informal Work” component.