Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance

The Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance assumes the mission of “Babeş-Bolyai” University:

  • carrying out fundamental and applied scientific research by engaging the entire scientific community;
  • encouraging the diversity of thinking styles and research methods specific to each field, critical thinking as well as multilingual, intercultural and multi-confessional character;
    susținerea noilor generații de cadre didactice și cercetători;
  • fostering democratic values, social inclusion, equal opportunities;
  • participation in community life and its engagement in the public sphere.

The Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance completes this mission with some specific principles that guide its activity and structure:

  • consultation, transparency and democratic decision in all bodies representing the faculty;
  • understanding the faculty as a whole, cooperation and solidarity within it, and
  • opening the Faculty to collaboration with other departments and research units in the University and in the public space, for the benefit of its students and research activity, in the name of interdisciplinarity and the plurality of visions and openness.

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