Romanian Fund for Social Development

The Romanian Fund for Social Development (RFDS) is a public interest body set up by the Romanian Government through Law No. 129/1998 which manages grant schemes and programmes with non-repayable international funding to disadvantaged groups and poor and isolated communities and takes part in the effective implementation of projects of national, sectoral and local interest.

Key areas covered by the RSDF:

  • social inclusion (with a focus on Roma communities)
  • socio-economic development
  • equal opportunities
  • poverty alleviation
  • community development
  • education

Operating under the motto “An organisation for people and their problems”, RFDS has the task of supporting the sustainable development of poor communities and other vulnerable groups in Romania, by promoting and supporting local initiatives that are geared to the common good, identified, submitted and delivered in a participatory manner through the involvement of the community.

he strategic objective of the RFDS is to achieve a change of attitude from multiple plans (individual and institutional, local and national) by demonstrating that there are also solutions where there is a will to solve a problem.

More details on EEA and Norway Grants are available here:

One of the most important care programs run by FRDS is the Local Development Program, which takes care of the allocation and funding for the Pata 2.0 design.