We offer housing

Under the project, a minimum of 30 homes will be purchased in Cluj-Napoca and neighbouring municipalities. Homes will be equipped with furniture and household appliances.

At the same time, families in the Pata-Rât community who will benefit from them will be selected

The main stages of the process:

1 . Informing the members of the community and stakeholders involved in social housing. Door-to-door information will be made for all types of social housing (social housing offered by the City of Cluj Napoca and those occupied through subsidized rents, supported by the Directorate for Social and Medical Care). Two information sessions will be organised in each Pata-Rât community and a meeting with relevant stakeholders.

2. The submission of files, which will be based on an advice and support component offered by the Community facilitators, in the framework of a desk helpdesk

3. Assessment of family needs and resources, based on the files submitted and the field assessments.

4. Drawing up of the list of families that have been selected for the removal and a waiting list

5. Appeal and Information Stage regarding the results of the selection process

6. The signing of rental contracts

The selected families will benefit from support/assistance for moving, including support for the purpose of the actual move and transcription of utilities in their name, an administrative support for changing the identity documents, the transfer of school children to nearby educational establishments or counselling and the facilitation of integration into the new community.