Medical analyses and consultations for 500 uninsured persons

One of the most important activities in the project is providing medical analyses and consultations for 500 uninsured persons. The activity involved a lot of red tape, mainly related to procurement, and its start in February 2022 was a breakthrough for the project.

The services are provided by the Med Star network, in the spaces that it has in Cluj-Napoca. Until now, 71 people have benefited from the analysis package and consultations The activity will take place until the end of the project.

The DASM coordinator in the project, Cristian Iclodean-Lazar told us that, from his point of view, a great success was to include consultations on the list of medical services, not just the analyses.

Only a set of analyses was included in the funding application. We later realized that these were not enough, and we were able to add the consultations to the medical package. It is not a little thing, because all these services are provided only to people from marginal communities who do not have health insurance. Without our intervention, they would never have been able to benefit from these services", explains the DASM representative.

The consultation package contains: pulmonary X-ray, spirometry, pneumological consultation with X-ray and spirometry interpretation, internal medicine and general abdominal ultrasound, gynecological consultation and Babeș-Papanicolau exam for women, respectively urology and ultrasound, for men. To these are added a battery of more than 30 analyses per beneficiary, including the HIV test.

Pachetul de consultații și analize este 1.200 de lei pentru fiecare persoană. (Foto sus: Arhiva Pata-Cluj)