New clothes for schoolchildren in Pata-Rât

More than 60 schoolchildren from the Pata-Rât area received a package of clothing and footwear on Wednesday, October 20, distributed in the framework of the Pata 2.0 project. The initiative is part of the set of actions to prevent school dropouts in this marginalised community. “We cannot think of a normal future for the Pata Rât population in the absence of education. Thus, attending courses is a sine qua non condition for the process of community desegregation. Therefore, an important component of our project is the one on stimulating students to continue school", says project manager Alexandrina Kiss.

Eighty schoolchildren will benefit from packs of clothing and footwear / Photo: George Maier

Given the modest material possibilities of the inhabitants of Pata-Rât, CMA through the Pata 2.0 project addressed this need, through the clothing and footwear packages made available to schoolchildren from disadvantaged families. “With this action, we want the schoolchildren here to have the opportunity to attend courses, just like their colleagues, who do not come from disadvantaged communities,” explained the project manager.

Each package contained underwear, pants, blouses and a pair of shoes, worth 250 lei. The children, as well as their parents, gladly received the visit of the CMA team who distributed the clothing.

“It’s very helpful and we gladly receive it. I have three children at school and it was hard for me to get them all new clothes, with the possibilities we have, so now we've got rid of this care,” said Simona Varga, 44 years old.

61 packs of clothing and footwear were distributed for children aged between six and 18. Another 19 packages will be distributed in the next period, up to a total of 80 children, who benefit from case management to prevent school dropout.