The distribution of baby boxes has begun

Mothers especially enjoy the trolley and the tub, but also clothing and diapers / Photo: George Maier

The Pata 2.0 project team brought joy and a bit of hope for the first mothers who will benefit from a baby box, i.e. a set of objects needed for newborns. The activity is managed by the Department of Social Assistance and Medical (DASM) under the direction of the Cluj-Napoca Local Council, a partner in the project.

Baby boxes are delivered these days to the first 11 mothers out of 70 beneficiaries, and the rest will be distributed as other mothers enter the project activities. We are talking about mothers who have already participated in the support groups we organise for them", explains Cristian Iclodean-Lazăr, project coordinator from DASM partner.

A baby box consists of clothing (body, pyjamas, pants, blouses, outdoor overalls, hats, etc.) sleeping bag, polar blanket, cotton towels, powdered milk (three boxes), disposable diapers (132 pieces), bottles, teats, pacifiers, wet napkins, physiological serum doses, compresses of various sizes, creams, bath gel, set of scissors, a helmet, a helmet. Read more.