We prevent school dropout

Sequence from a study lesson of Romanian, held at the “House of Youth” / Photo: George Maior

A major component of the project Pata 2.0 is the prevention of school dropout among pupils from Pata-Rât communities. The activities under this objective are four and they are in full swing. The „targets” are, on one hand, students and teachers from eight schools in Cluj-Napoca and the metropolitan area, where pupils from Pata-Rât learn and, on the other hand, the families of students who are likely to drop out of school, due to the difficult living conditions they face. In addition to these activities focused on Pata-Rât, four other schools in the metropolitan area will benefit from counselling and support.

Therefore, the component is a complex one, carried out through several tools, with the help of multidisciplinary teams, made of social workers and psychologists. Read more.