Activities Update, April 2022

Quick reaction. We adjusted the project so that we could offer 3,350 free food packages to the community at the peak of the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020. The financial effort was EUR 8 200.

Housing. The community has been informed of the possibility to apply for social housing. Representatives of Bergen municipality organised an online workshop on good practices in the field. A crisis intervention training activity was carried out for 22 people, attended by three trainers from Bergen. At the same time, seven members of the project team carried out a study and documentation visit on housing in Norway. The purchase of homes began and the first nine were purchased. 124 files were submitted for the minimum 30 homes to be offered. The final list of beneficiaries was displayed around March 15th.

Information activity for the Pata-Rât community on social housing offered through the project/Photo: George Maior

Education. We provided tutoring, mentoring, drop-out prevention activities and we organised support groups for more than 70 students. The students’ families received 70 packages of food, worth about. 2,800 lei, and 61 students received packages of clothing, worth about. 12,000 lei. We are working with 73 parents to prevent early school leaving. 570 pupils and 43 teachers, from eight schools in the metropolitan area, benefited from socio-emotional development sessions (combating bullying, social cohesion and combating discrimination). „Babeș-Bolyai” University has carried out over 120 non-formal activities in order to prevent early school leaving.

Social work. A Community Social Center was established and licensed, operated by the Department of Social Assistance and Medical. 1032 adult beneficiaries were included in this component of the project, for whom access to social services is facilitated.

Healthcare. DASM provides medical tests and consultations for 500 people. The activity started in February 2022 and will run until the end of the project. By May 2022, 71 people had benefited from the consultation + analysis package.

Mother and child care. More than 30 children have been registered with GPs. Kits were purchased for 32 newborn children and 36 mothers participated in support groups on childcare.

Relocation methodology The methodology for research and data collection on the ground has been developed. Four community consultations and 282 structured interviews took place, covering around 90 % of households in the area. The activity is carried out by the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work of BBU. The methodology of the first phase of resettlement is 90 %. completed A questionnaire assessing the quality of the intervention was applied in the four communities to a total of 70 people.