Three times more applications for social housing than in the previous project

Actualizare 17 august: At the end of the application period, 124 requests for social housing were registered. It is three times the number of applications submitted under the previous project (41). These days, the evaluation of the files takes place, which will run until mid-October. The score of the files is performed by independent evaluators.

Initial text (July 9): In the framework of the project Pata 2.0, one of the most important processes, the file submission for social housing, is being carried out during this period. This is a rather complicated process, because every family wishing to obtain such a house must present documents showing the situation in which they are, in several respects, such as housing, employment, schooling, the incomes they receive, and so on.

“Being vulnerable, from a marginalised community, they often do not have at hand all the necessary documents, so that they must be directed to the competent institutions in order to obtain them. Also, in many situations affidavits are required according to a certain model, so they need the support of an informed person in this respect, too”, explains Alexandrina Kiss, project manager.

To help candidates complete their files, from Monday to Thursday, a team from the CMA and the Directorate for Social and Medical Assistance (DSMA) are located in the area of Pata Rât, functioning as a helpdesk, which provides information, support and guidance for completing the files. On Fridays, a larger CMA team, including jurists, is located in Pata Rât, to register the complete files. On this day of the week, the helpdesk activity is provided by DSMA.

The submission of complete files takes place on Friday when in Pata Rât is located a larger team from CMA / Photo: Bogdan Stanciu

We had to adapt to realities on the move. Initially, we accepted the registration of the files every day, but it turned out that there is a lot of work to be done in supporting candidates to obtain all the documents, so we focused on this activity. On the other hand, on Friday, when the complete files are submitted, we extended the schedule of our office in Pata Rât, so that we could register them all", says Alexandrina Kiss.

The interest generated by the project in the community is major. Hundreds of people have participated in the information sessions that have preceded the submission period, and dozens of people are in the process of completing the dossiers or have already submitted them. Thus, by Friday, July 2, 23 complete files were registered in three weeks, the first of which was one of accommodation. For comparison, only 41 files were submitted throughout the similar project that we carried out between 2014 and 2017.

The files may be submitted by 30 July, but already from 1 July, they enter into the evaluation, which will extend until 30 September. The evaluation of the files is made by independent evaluators.

“We are glad about the interest our project is stirring. We believe that we will reach over one hundred files submitted for the minimum 30 social housings we offer. Thus, the level of expectation from the community will be very high, which implies an even greater responsibility in the next period, that of selecting the beneficiaries”, says Adrian Răulea, Program Director of CMA.