We care for health

During the project, a Community Social Centre will be established, which will aim to implement and develop social, health and educational services.

Under the CSC, the multidisciplinary team (health mediator, social worker and psychologist) will facilitate access to primary and specialised healthcare services to improve the health status of people in the Pata-Rât community.

The CSC team will conclude collaboration protocols with key health institutions and units (Public Health Directorate, Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lung Diseases Hospital, etc.) that will carry out/implement a number of prevention campaigns in the area.

At the same time, we aim that all children and young people under the age of 18 from the Pata-Rât area will be enrolled on a family doctor’s list.

A minimum package of health services will also be provided for 500 people without health insurance through an external contract.

Last but not least, we will organise support groups for mothers on pre- and post-natal periods. At the same time, for 70 newborns, we will provide a “baby box”, (diapers, powdered milk, bottles and accessories, clothing, care products, bathtub, trolley, etc.)