We prevent school dropout

We aim to prevent school dropout in eight schools, four in Cluj-Napoca (“Traian Dârjan” School, “Ioan Agârbiceanu” School, Special School, “Al. Vaida-Voevod” School), and one each from Cojocna, Cara, Apahida and Floresti (“Gheorghe Sincai” School), where pupils from Pata-Rât learn.

The activity involves holding regular meetings with school counselors and school mediators, in order to identify situations of absenteeism and risk of school dropout.

Subsequently, tailor-made support will be offered, on a case by case basis, for the families whose children face these problems. We will advise the families of 80 students.

We will also organise socio-emotional development sessions which aim to increase the cohesion of the group of pupils in encouraging school attendance at the level of four classes from 12 schools. These are the eight schools mentioned above, plus those in Bontida, Răscruci, Vultureni and Blood. This activity will benefit 800 pupils.

Awareness-raising sessions for teachers about the emotional needs of students will also be organised at all 12 schools.

We will also create a community resource centre where volunteers will be involved. They will be trained and overseen in order to provide mentoring and tutoring to 24 pupils from the eight schools where they are learning from Paa-Rât pupils. We focus on the pupils in the grades of terminals (VIII and IV). Work will take place twice a week.