We draw public policies

In the course of the project, a participatory methodology for the resettlement and inclusion of low-income families from segregated marginalised areas will be developed in a participatory manner. It will contain the three stages of resettlement: the selection of beneficiaries, the preparation of resettlement at the community level and family and post-relocation assistance respectively.

To this end, four consultation meetings will be held in the four communities of Paa-Rât, 100 structured interviews with community members will be conducted, and eight interviews and a focus group with professionals. Two focus groups with previously resettled families, four with families undergoing resettlement and a focus group with relevant actors from local communities where they are moving will also be carried out. After the move, 12 families will be consulted and a focus will be made with the stakeholder group.

Finally, we will develop a set of recommendations to review local public policies on social tenure and the prevention of evictions for low-income or socially marginalised families. We will use the experience gained by the project’s external partners, i.e. the Norwegian city of Bergen.