Sociologists' fieldwork has begun

This week began the fieldwork of the research team of the Babeş-Bolyai University (BBU), which deals with the development of the methodology for resettlement and inclusion of people living in the marginalised urban area Pata Rât.

It is a sociological analysis of the needs and of the important resources for moving families from this segregated and polluted area, both from the point of view of the Cluj institutions and from the point of view of the inhabitants of Pata Rât.

“This research is one of the most important objectives of the project Pata 2.0 and is carried out through the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance within BBU. At the end of the project, the methodology will be the basis of the potential public policies that we will suggest and that can be replicated across the country”, explains Monica Graff, project manager.

The Socio team, in the first day of consultations | Photo: George Maier

The first step in this respect is the evaluation of the criteria and instruments used in the previous project, Pata Cluj, whereby over 30 families from the Pata Rât area have moved into social housing purchased within the project. “We, now, start the information/consultation process about the new project. On the one hand, we inform them about what will follow, on the other, we are talking with the people in the community and we want to find out what went well and what went wrong in the previous project, we are looking for suggestions for improvement”, details Alex Boguș, a community development expert at the Faculty of Sociology and Social Assistance.

In this first stage, four consultation sessions are held with members of the communities from the Pata Rât area. The first took place on Wednesday, 29 July, and the rest will run by the end of the week.